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Asia Markets Started to Week Like This – February 20, 2017


We started to give important first day of the week in Asian markets.

We followed the January trade balance data from Japan. Foreign trade balance, which was announced as 1 trillion 87 thousand yen above 637 billion yen open expectation, remained far away. In addition, January import figures were also surprising. It was announced as 8.5% above the 4.7% expectation. In exports, the recession cautioned. The January export of 4.7% expected disappointed with 1.3%. After the data, there were limited declines in the Japanese yen.

In addition to Japan, PPI was followed by New Zealand. 0.9% expected PPI entry was 1%. The UFE output was 1.5% above the 0.6% expectation. Although the data received were positive, NZDUSD did not have a significant effect on it.

Asian Stocks were positive out of the Australian Stock Exchange. The Australian ASX index closed strong at 0.18% on the day, while the Chinese Shangai Composite index climbed by 1.23%. In other key Asian indices, the changes were as follows: South Korea’s KOSPI index + 0.18%, India BSE index + 0.21%, Hong Kong Hang Seng index + 0.69%, Japan Nikkei + 0.09%.

Developing countries continue to watch positive weather on their markets as it is the past week. This view is also reflected in stock exchange indices and currencies. As it is the case, the anticipated increases in gold did not materialize and we saw that the week that we passed closed down. The precious metal that starts this week horizontally will be a source of news from Trump.


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