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Different Forex Market Features from Other Markets

Different Forex Market Features from Other Markets

It is constantly said that the Forex market is different from other financial markets and that high profits are achieved. So why? The trading features of the Forex market, ie the mechanism of the market, are much different from the ones we have known since. For this reason, higher gains are obtained.

To put it simply, it is possible to invest in and gain the investment instruments that will lose value in the forex market when the stock market is invested only in the investment instruments that will be appreciated. The features of Forex market different from other markets;

Duplex Process Feature

The lack of investment in the forex instruments that will only appreciate in the Forex market is due to the bidirectional trading feature. The market is traded with parliaments, ie pairs, and the parity refers to the value of one currency relative to another currency. This makes it possible to perform bidirectional trading on the forex market.

You will be able to buy the currency you have chosen to trade, the currency you have chosen to trade, and sell the depreciated currency. When the currency you buy starts to lose value, you sell it, you buy the other currency. In this way, you gain both a gain and a loss of value of an investment vehicle.

We want to give an example through gold which we can call today’s most effective investment tool. Gold is traded on the market at American dollars, and there is an inverse relationship between them. So while gold prices are rising, the American dollar price drops. If you are a gold trader on the Forex market, you have earned money from the decline in 2013. By means of bidirectional trading, you are selling gold and buying American dollars as gold prices fall. When gold starts to rise, you buy gold and sell American dollars.

Leverage System

It is one of the most beautiful advantages of Forex market. It offers the ability to trade up to 100 times your money. In different countries, it is known that this ratio is up to 1: 400 and 1: 600. The leverage allows you to make big profits with your investment in small amounts. It is important to remember that the leverage can also work against the opposition as it appears to the beneficiary.

With 100 dollars you want to trade on the forex market and you have chosen an intermediary institution. This broker says you can trade at 10,000 with a leverage of 1: 100 instead of $ 100, but only give you the profit you will get. You will trade $ 10,000 instead of $ 100 and you will make $ 500 profit if you make $ 5 profit. We should not say that it is a very useful system to get high profit in a short time.

Limiting Risks

It is perhaps the most important feature that makes the market different from other markets. As it is known, it is of great importance to carry out market analysis and analysis in all financial markets that are invested. The common feature of all financial markets is that they are market-driven and analyzed. On the Forex market, you can identify a risk factor through these analyzes and market insights you have done, and you can pass that risk factor to the market as a loss stop / take an order.

You will not be able to get lost in an open investment position thanks to the Stop Loss / Take Profit command. Market movements have not progressed in the direction of your expectations and you are not on your computer. With this order, your order will be stopped without loss and your profit account will be added.

High Liquidity and Trading Volume

The daily trading volume of the Forex market is now approaching nearly $ 6 trillion. This is the cash flow in the daily transactions. The fact that daily trading volume and liquidity are so high means that you can earn high profits by buying and selling in short walks.

Free Educational Opportunities

It is one of the best opportunities offered by brokerage houses to investors. With the development of technology, educational facilities have been moved to internet environment and maximum service has been provided to those who want to be investors. Thanks to e – books, training videos, online seminars, and webinar trainings and demo accounts, people can easily learn every aspect of the market such as forex and how to trade.

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Even those without any economic knowledge can easily understand these offered trainings. These graduated courses allow you to learn from beginner level to expert level. At the same time, it is a great advantage to have these trainings free of charge and at any time and anywhere on the internet.

Demo accounts are the biggest advantages of the forex market. With virtual money you can trade in real market conditions and develop investment strategies without risking your money. When you start trading with a real account on this account, you make investments as a conscious investor without a loss.

It is a global financial market!

The forex market, which is not managed from a single center as it is in stock markets, is managed through trade centers all over the world. For this reason, it is a global financial market, and there are many benefits that it offers. The most important of these are; Except for weekends, 5 days a week 24 hours a day, investment vehicles have a wide range of possibilities, speculation and manipulation can not be done, the same facilities as all the world investors to be done.

All Transactions from the Internet

The Forex market is a world-dominated market, and the fastest system for doing so is definitely the internet. Internet-connected computers, smartphones, and tablets can manage investment transactions wherever they want, and can perform marketplace quickly. You can make transactions online and earn money, even from home, from the office or from anywhere, even on holiday. Platforms called Trader programs can be downloaded to these devices so you can always carry your portfolio with you!


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