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Dollar? Gold? Euro? Which investment is more profitable?

Dollar? Gold? Euro? Which investment is more profitable?

Dollar, gold, euro is one of the most popular investment questions of the last few years. Do you need to invest in the world’s most powerful currency, like the dollar, or do you have to invest in a gold bullion that has been a slave to the 12 year old bull market and has constantly earned its investors? How much is the Euro, the currency of the European Union, affected by economic crises?

In general, almost all of us increased the need for money. The reason for this is evolving technology, rising standards of living and personal needs. We have millions in need to have a better life in the future, to provide better education for our children, to live a comfortable life in retirement, to have our own business, to have our home.

In addition to my need for money, we also have to say that we are managing money today more consciously. Everyone is making much more progress in saving and investing in the future. This investment is made in very different ways. Some are investing in real estate, some are waiting in the old ways in the banks. Taking gold from the jeweler and using the so-called pillow, the evaluation of money is not preferred today, and the gold accounts created in the banks are being used.

It is important to note that we are more conscious of investing nowadays. The confidence in financial markets has increased and the number of successful investors is increasing. Investors’ confidence in financial markets has increased due to reasons such as better control of financial markets compared to the past, and matching transaction features with current technology and conditions. Forex and the stock market are today’s highest-volume financial markets, and as a forex earn site we continue to provide information about the two investors about these two financial markets.

Is Gold Investing Profitable?

Gold hasgold and silver provided continuous earnings to its investors over the past 12 years. It is considered as a safe port because every reserve is in reserve of central banks. It is the first choice when it comes to securing confidence in the currency.

As is well known, gold is no longer seen as a safe haven due to its performance in 2013, and its investors have suffered huge losses. Gold, which showed a steady increase for 12 years, showed a sharp decline from $ 1,800 levels to $ 1,180 and became bear market dominated. As such, many experts and renowned investors were warned about the need to keep away from underneath. Paul Johnson, famous for his investments in gold, was the name that hit the mark of agenda with great loss.

Is the Dollar Investment Profitable?

Stop LossThe US dollar was valued by the fact that asset purchases made by the FED were to be terminated. The good performance that the dollar has shown caused the gold to depreciate. As is known, there is an inverse relationship between dollar and gold prices. The dollar began to move upwards as gold plunged due to the speculation that the FED had created. As it is the case, investors have begun to direct the experts to ask questions about making investments.

The relationship between gold and the dollar can be a profitable investment when the forex market combines with the bi-directional trading feature. Gold is traded in American dollars as is well known, and with its bidirectional trading capability, it is possible to earn money both by winning and by investing in value. In this case; When the gold is depreciating, the American dollar will be bought and the gold will be earned. In the same way, when gold is bought and gold is bought, the profit from the investment is obtained.

Is Euro Investment Profitable?

Is Euro Investment Profitable?Looking at the eurozone, it is seen that the year 2013 is a year of intense events such as political events, economic crises, speculations, inflation, rising unemployment, high-interest rates. Germany and France’s contradictory views, the crises in Greece and Southern Cyprus affected the euro negatively. The head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, was among those who struck the G20 meetings. The comments made about the Euro Zone and the future of the Euro currency have been swallowed up all over the world.

The comment made by Nouriel Roubini, known as the heroine of the markets in 2012, that the euro will go bankrupt has made a big impression. While investors remained away from the euro, they were hesitant to invest in the euro in 2013. The euro saw a downward trend from its general course ahead of the macroeconomic data to be released, but managed to turn the direction upwards after the general positive outcome.

Which Financial Market Is More Profitable?

Forex market is seen as the most profitable financial market of today. The safest and most profitable investments are made on the forex market thanks to being a global financial market that is managed all over the world, transaction features that enable to benefit from every price movement, the ability to limit the risks and the ability to operate 24 hours a day on the internet 5 days a week.

It should be said that which investment is more profitable depends on the market and investor’s experience as the most accurate answer. While Borsada is gaining shares, it is in the forex market that experienced investors have won because of their trading features. For this reason, it is necessary to gain good experience before investing in new investors’ money to market in these financial markets. By taking advantage of demo account possibilities, you can earn this experience in no time without risk.

The euro and the dollar, which traded in the EUR / USD parity in the financial markets and especially in the forex market, are again the most trading instruments. Outside of currencies and commodities, the investment instruments that earned the year 2013 were stocks. After the irregular price movements seen in currencies and commodities, investors directed their trading of stocks. Thanks to the good performance of US and European stocks in particular, investors have earned a safe return on their stocks.

Investments in dollars, gold and euros are investments with the highest transaction volume in the financial markets. A high trading volume means you can get high profits in the short run. But you have to have a good experience for it and you need to know how to benefit from the price fluctuations that come to the moment.


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