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Profitable Investment Tools – Which is the Best Investment Tool?

Profitable Investment Tools - Which is the Best Investment Tool?

If you want to evaluate your savings in the financial markets, you can now trade with many advantageous investment tools. You can create a portfolio by choosing from many mainstream investment instruments such as currencies, stocks, stock indexes, commodities, and derivatives. What is the most profitable investment tool?

Nowadays, investors who want to make money by evaluating the forex market and stock market accumulation offers the possibility of trading under good opportunities. Of course, there are also markets and ways of making money outside these two markets. But these two financial markets offer you a safe, legal and easy way to make money. Nevertheless, you should be aware that you can benefit from these possibilities with detailed knowledge and experience of these two financial markets. If we examine the investment instruments traded in the market in detail:

Foreign Currencies

Foreign Currencies

The financial markets have 7 major currencies. These currencies are; (USD), Euro (EUR), British Sterling (JPY), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), Swiss Franc (CHF). These currencies are traded in the form of par- ents and constitute exchange rates. The concept of parity is another currency for the currency.

Investing in foreign exchange has a different meaning than buying and selling at the exchange office today. Foreign exchange transactions in the forex market, which are required in the stock market, are much safer, more profitable and easier to make over the internet than the old ones. At the same time, it is possible to increase non-physical buying and selling transactions as well as gain daily returns.

Exchange Investment in Stock Markets

We talked about the fact that investment instruments with high transaction volume constitute their own stock exchanges. Foreign currencies are also traded in the foreign exchange market and are traded as the underlying asset of the stock exchange. Foreign exchange exchanges are places where foreign exchange demanders and foreign exchange demanders come together. In addition to physical purchases and sales, non-physical transactions are also carried out. Foreign exchange traded on the Bourse includes the local currency of the country where the exchange belongs, except for the major currencies. As far as the Forex market is concerned, the currency variety can not be mentioned.

Forex Currency Investment

The Forex market is referred to as foreign exchange markets and its definition is; Taking a foreign currency instantaneously and instantly selling it in another foreign currency. The Forex market is traded only with currencies, as well as other investment instruments. In addition, these transactions are carried out in much more advantageous forms than the stock exchange.

Forex market is a global financial market and is managed all over the world. For this reason, the market is open for investor transactions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week except for weekends. At the same time, it has a wide variety of foreign exchange because it is managed all over the world. The Forex market is also trading with major currencies and it is possible to invest in the currencies of other world countries.

Foreign exchange investment in the forex market, which is more advantageous than other markets in terms of trading characteristics, brings high profits in the short term. While the Bourse is only profitable from long-term investments, high yields can be obtained from short-term investments through trading features such as a leverage system on the forex market. One advantage of the foreign exchange investment in the Forex market is that bidirectional trading can be done. In the Forex market, not only are the currencies appreciating, but they can be profitable as well.

When an investment instrument that gains value by benefiting from the parity condition is purchased, the investment instrument is sold without loss of value. To give an example; If the EUR / USD is appreciating; The Euro is bought and the American dollar is sold; If the EUR / USD is losing value; American dollars are taken and Euro is sold. In this way, the profit from each price movement is obtained without changing the currency in which the investment is made.



Commodities that mean commodities are among the investment instruments that can make the most profit, in the long run, today. Precious metals offer good opportunities, including times when commodity investors have reduced confidence in foreign currencies, such as industrial metals, agricultural products, energy products, forestry products, foodstuffs, chemicals, raw materials and a wide range of investment vehicles.

At the same time, it offers secure investments where the risk of commodity investment can be controlled in the sense of portfolio diversity. Gold, silver, copper, wheat, corn, cotton, cocoa, petroleum, aluminum and steel are seen when the commodities traded in the markets are mostly traded. Apart from this, it is possible to invest on the internet for a group of commodities which have more investment vehicles.

Traded on both the stock exchange and the forex market, today, mostly non-physical forms are invested. It is also a good portfolio of commodities for investors who want to evaluate their money in small quantities. It is known as safer investment instruments than foreign exchange and stocks.

Commodity Investment in Stock Market

As is the case in currency transactions, commodities also have their own commodity exchanges due to their high transaction volume. At the same time, investment instruments that have high transaction volume among commodities have created their own special product exchanges. There are many types of stock exchange such as gold stock exchange, cotton stock exchange, oil stock exchange, metal stock exchange, precious metals and stone stock exchange.

The commodity exchange is a marketplace where transactions are carried out through intermediaries, with or without commodity buyers and sellers. Commodities also have a great deal in terms of stock market history, and it is known that the first stock market transactions were made in markets and fairs established with agricultural products. These markets have been established with the help of consumers and producers who have suffered damage after the economic crises by taking advantage of the regulation features of the stock markets, and today’s commodity exchanges have been established by some traders who see that they have achieved high profits. Borsada commodities can be traded in various forms.

They are traded as spot market instruments and futures and options are also traded. There are also commodity funds and commodity indexes created by the banks. With these funds and indices, instead of investing in a single commodity, many commodities are invested in one. Gold, wheat and cotton commodities can be traded on futures and options exchange-traded in our country.

According to the past, both the variety of investment tools and the easiness of operation have been provided thanks to the fact that the stock exchange transactions are made on the internet nowadays. One of the biggest problems of commodity investment is protection and security problems. Thanks to non-physical commodity trading on the internet, these problems are overcome.

Forex Commodity Investment

Forex market makes it possible to make more advantageous investment transactions in commodities than in the stock market as well as in other investment instruments. Investing in commodities on the forex market through online and non-physical trading means that it is safe and generates high profits.

Gold, which is among the earliest investment instruments, is traded more advantageously than all other financial markets of the forex market and higher profits are gained. It will be seen that conscious investors certainly benefit from this situation when we consider the gold declines that took place in 2013 and when the situation of the forex market is assessed by the transaction characteristics. The reason for this is that the forex market can be traded bidirectionally.

At the same time, it is also possible to take advantage of instant price movements, in addition to the fact that the risks can be limited and instant trading can be done. Investors who want to invest in silver, copper, agricultural commodities with low prices can get high profits from this investment in a short time.

With the leverage system applied in the Forex market and allowed up to a ratio of 1: 100 in our country, the profit rate to be obtained can be increased by 500 dollars, for example, 5 dollars. At the same time, it will be the best investment tool for investors who have a small amount of money. It is among the investment instruments that make most of the commodities in the forex market thanks to the fact that physical buying and selling is not carried out, transactions are made under the same conditions as all the world investors, 5/24 can be managed through the internet, easy market follow, speculation and manipulation can not be done.



Stocks are valuable documents that capital companies give to their shareholders in order to document their partnerships and their shares. Despite the existence of many stocks, only the stocks bearing the bearer and the names are traded in our country. The most common stocks in the world are nominal and preferred stocks.

Stock Investment in Stock Markets

When it is called stock, the stock market comes first. The reason for this is that the stock exchange houses are established with the stocks starting to change hands. In order for a stock to be traded in the stock market, it must first be listed on the stock exchange. However, stocks registered to the stock market can be bought and sold. The most basic reason is that a share acquired at a lower price is acquired after it has gained value.

Thanks to the fact that the stock exchange transactions are realized from the internet today, investing in stocks have also  become easier. The stock investor can perform transactions and market follow-ups much faster than on the Internet. In this way, instead of spending time in the noisy atmosphere of stock market lending halls, it can easily be carried out at home, office or anywhere with internet connection.

Stocks Investment in Forex

It would be wrong to say that the transactions were done. However, if your brokerage agency supports its market, you want to trade it. At the same time, invest in world famous stocks. This is also a great advantage.

Stocks investment is more advantageous in the forex market due to the differences in the stock market and the forex market. Due to advantages such as 5/24 trading hours, faster execution of investment transactions, short-term high yields and easy market tracking, Forex Market is also a leading player in stock investments.

Stock Indices

Stocks İncedes

Indices are indices created to achieve metrics such as prices, costs, performance and so on that change over a specific time period. For example, we can show consumers and producers indices that everyone is familiar with. Indices which are indicators according to a certain statistic have many investment vehicles in the same kind.

Stock Exchange Index Investment

Indices traded on the stock exchange are used to measure the performance of investment instruments classified according to certain characteristics. Indexes of investment instruments are measured, giving investors a lot of detailed information. The types of exchange traded indexes are;

  • Stock indices Commodity indices
  • CFD indices
  • Futures Indices
  • Foreign exchange indices

Forex Index Investment

As it is in other investment instruments, it is possible to make more profitable transactions on the forex market with stock market indices. The world famous stock market indexes can easily be invested in the forex market and can be easily market-driven. Dow Jones, DAX, Nasdaq, FTSE 100, S & P 500, Stoxx 600, Topix and Nikkei 225 can be easily invested on the internet forex market.


There are many investment instruments traded in the financial markets and we want to briefly discuss how these instruments are traded in both the stock market and the forex market. It is necessary for the investors to decide which market they want to trade before the question “Which investment instrument will win the most” and they should have detailed knowledge and experience about that market. However, an investment instrument like this will be a lucrative investment tool for the investor.


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