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StepMA NMC v.3.01


Signal trend indicator StepMA NMC v3.01 is an updated version of the popular Step MA Display with flexible settings, warning systems and multi-time interval display mode. StepMA NMC v3.01 is the latest version that keeps the long-standing popularity amongst the traders’ StepMA Indicator.

The StepMA NMC v3.01 Indicator is a Modified Moving Average, which adds a few parameters that can be used to change the settings of the indicators to trade preferences.

Step MA Indicator Specification

Platform: Metatrader4
Currency pairs: Any currency pairs (suggested Major)
Trading Hours: 24 hours
Time interval: Any (H1 and above recommended)
StepMA NMC v3.01 The display shows the graph of the currency pair at a different time interval that is different from the current one within a multiple time interval.

Attention: This indicator only works with MetaTrader 4 PC Platform








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