Janet Yellen

FED Chairman Yellen has once again faced microphones in the House of Representatives and again on the agenda of the markets with important statements. Yellen, in general, delivered a speech parallel to yesterday’s statements.

Reminded that FED’s interest rate decisions are based on inflation and employment. Speaking of their closeness to employment targets, Yellen said that the US economy is now very close to the targets of the FED.

Speaking that the US economy is trying to recover from a very important crisis, Yellen said that the FOMC will evaluate the course of the economy at future meetings.

On the question of Trump’s plan to loosen the regulations, she said, I agree with the basic principle of reducing the regulations.

Yellen said that the abuses in consumer loans were one of the main reasons for the recent crisis.

Speaking parallel to yesterday’s talk in general does not make a positive impact on the dollar. We have seen the decline in the dollar index since the beginning of the year. EURUSD, which recovered to 1.0560 before the speech, exceeded 1.0590 after the Yellen.


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