Home Analyses Will Gold Break 1220 Support? – February 14, 2017

Will Gold Break 1220 Support? – February 14, 2017


Trump uncertainties and dollar depreciation begin with a rise to 2017 We are in a very critical week. Having said that in the coming weeks we will be announcing significant changes in tax reforms in the coming days, Trump has cut the pace of rising beneath worries that he is causing him.

Today, PPI from the US is better than expected at 0.6%, while core PPI is better than expectations at 0.4%. Lacker, a member of the Fed’s hawkers, said in a statement in the US / Delaware that there is a need to increase interest rates more quickly. Sooner or later he said he wants to raise interest rates, adding that Lacker Trump has uncertainty about how the administration will affect the economy.

The monetary policy of Fed Chairman Janet Yellen, whose announcement today at 08.00 (gmt -7) and talking at the same time tomorrow, will be effective at pricing under ONS. If the hawk tongue messages arrive for next month, the pressure on the gold may increase and the 1220 regions below the 1230 and the 100-day moving averages become important support. When they are recovered, they can work as resistors in 1240-1245 regions.


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