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Yellen Talked Dollar Rushed! – February 14, 2017

Janet Yellen

FED President Janet Yellen’s highly anticipated speech ended. Yellen, who made more hawk speech than expected, could say that the dolphin gave life water. Here are the line heads of that talk:

  • The incoming figures indicated that the employment market continued to strengthen in anticipation and climbed to 2% in line with the FOMC’s forecasts.
  • Employment and inflation continue to be realized in the direction of expectations, one of the upcoming FOMC meetings said it would be appropriate to raise interest rates.
  • She said it would not be too wise to be late for interest rate hikes!
  • She said she hoped fiscal policies would make the United States a sustainable economy.
  • He stated that the economy is proceeding towards the objectives of the FED for Shan.
  • The FED’s support for credit growth has been supported by the fact that the large amount of bluegrass is kept. He pointed out that the FOMC’s long-term objective is to reduce active bilateralism.
  • Yellen, who has included developments in the job market, said that wages have increased recently.
  • In relation to the housing market, he mentioned that the increase in mortgage rates could suppress the housing market.

After Yellen’s hawk could speak at the end, the Dollar index continued to climb to 101.30 minutes in minutes, rising from 100.87 support. Gold tested 1223, EURUSD 1.0570 gold


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